Because it's more than a net.

Our nets are made for keeping your value together. The stronger the net, the safer your goods. That’s why Salco specializes in protecting your goods, whether they are meats, fruits, potatoes, trees, wine, or even trailers.


Because we know what happens on the road. Secure your pallets with strong Salco wraps to ensure your goods stay in place. 

keeping your trees safe

Your trees grow faster with our quality treenets around them. Or, transport them with our fir nets.

travellin' safer

Make sure you arrive at your destination with everything you needed. Besides normal trailernets, we have elastic nets that fit any cargo.

why salco?

Because it’s more than just a net. Besides excellent & on-time deliveries, we also make sure our clients get the best prices available. Our values are simple: quality products & impeccable customer service.

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